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The Shuswap Toque


New this year is the Shuswap Toque. It is a cousin to our popular Spectrum Beanie and Whistler Beanie. It is made with the same luxurious kettle dyed 100% merino wool. This baby will keep you warm & cozy and oh so pretty. It has a little more stitch definition with the cable pattern and it knits up amazing with this vibrant yarn.

Each toque is finished with our signature wrap around tag and comes with a faux fur pom pom of your choice. Our fluffy fur babies, are hand made with the highest quality synthetic furs sourced from all over the world. They are stuffed with poly fibre fill and have a cord tie on them to allow you to tie on inside toque crown and so you can remove pom when you need to wash your toque. 1 pom pom is included with each with knit toque purchase. Size is approx. 5". Sorry, pom poms are not sold separately. 

Pom pom colour choices are rose, tundra wolf (brown), husky (grey), pink, lynx, teal, snow & boysenberry. 

This super soft, multicoloured yarn is kettled dyed in small batches in a way that makes each skein of yarn different than the others of the same batch. Your hat will be definitely be unique, this also means that the colour of the toque you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured. 

Care instructions: hand wash, place between a towel and roll up to remove excess water and then lay flat to dry. Please remove the pom pom prior to washing and spot wash pom if needed. 

This product is made to order.

Photography by Pink Dragonfly Photography.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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