Bamboo is a type of tropical grass that replenishes itself naturally. We love it because it makes a super soft, natural, breathable fabric, which has been named the most eco-friendly fibre on the planet. It is 100% biodegradable and the most renewable resource on our planet. It also provides an abundance of usable oxygen, which means that if we continue manufacturing it at higher rates, it could increase photosynthesis and offer another alternative to combat greenhouse gases. Amazing, right?! The plants grow in the wild without the use of pesticides or fertilizers, making the fibres naturally smooth and round without spurs that typically irritate the skin. This makes the fabric hypoallergenic and an amazing alternative to wool for those who have sensitivities. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal benefits remain in its textile form, so it kills bacteria and keeps you fresh and odour free for a lot longer than other fabrics. It regulates body temperature, it has the ability to cool your body off when you sweat. It also keeps you warm when needed. So you can wear it in both scorching hot and cool as a cucumber days!

Merino wool is known for it’s amazing softness, breathability and lustre, but it also has so many other amazing characteristics. For example, it's a natural, biodegradable & renewable fibre with temperature regulating properties. This is similar to bamboo and means that it keeps you warm and cozy when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. As if that wasn't perfect already, it also provides UPF (ultraviolet protection factor). The unique fibres wick away sweat and leave no room for odours. It is water repellent, insulates when wet, and is a very durable fibre.

Alpaca fibre is very light, airy & super soft. It is stronger, 5 times warmer and more durable than wool. It is also considered hypoallergenic. Many people that have sheep’s wool sensitivities can wear alpaca products without any issues. Alpaca does not easily stain, pill, create static and or retain water. It does, however, shed a little as it breaks in. Pure alpaca definitely has some stretch to it so don’t be surprised if your toque is knit a little tighter to allow for this. We've got you covered!