From the outdoor enthusiast to the luxury aficionado - we've got something for everyone.

Welcome to the Canadian Frost Gift Guide! 🎁

We've curated a list of our top products, carefully chosen to suit the unique preferences and styles of your loved ones. Each product is not only a gift but an experience of comfort, style, and sustainability. Dive in and discover the perfect presents that will keep your loved ones warm and stylish throughout the seasons. 🤎

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Hand Knit Toques

Our hand knit toques are made using super soft, multicoloured yarn that is kettle dyed in small batches. Every toque is unique and includes a faux fur pom of your choice.

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Canadian Frost Toques

Made from post-consumer cashmere from previously-made garments (excess or old inventory which would otherwise be considered waste). They have been taken apart, re-spun into yarn and knit up into fabric combining the luxurious softness of cashmere with the excellent properties of merino wool. Embrace coziness with a conscience with these light, soft & warm eco-friendly accessories.

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Canadian Frost Headwrap

We love this bamboo headwrap for so many reasons and that you can wear it so many ways!

top knot headband made in Canada bamboo head wrap
The Victoria Head wrap has a double twist that you can wear in the front or off to the side, you can wrap one twist around to the back so it stays put, or move both twists to the back for a smooth look and even fold it over so it looks like a thinner headband. 


Summer Sun Hats

For the women who loves to travel and safely soak up the sun.

Gifts for the Littles

Kids Monashee Twist 5-in-1

For the little ones who are stylish and adventurous

kids multi wear beanie made in Canada
For that stylish and adventurous kiddo, the Kids Monashee Twist features a playful and twisted design that adds a touch of fun and personality to outfits. There’s a touchable, tangible element to the Monashee that is especially appealing to kids. Made from soft and cozy materials, it provides ultimate comfort. It’s a fantastic gift for an active kid. Whether they're building snowmen, going on outdoor adventures, or simply playing in the snow, this beanie will keep them cozy and looking adorable. The vibrant colours and versatile design are much loved by little ones making it a must-have accessory.

Gifts for the "Hard to Buy For"

Canadian Frost Gift Cards

High Quality hats made in Canada
Gift cards to the Canadian Frost online store are the perfect solution for those who are hard to buy gifts for. With a gift card, they can browse through the vast array of quality products at their own leisure, choosing something that truly suits their taste and needs. Whether they're in need of a new winter hat or looking to spruce up their summer wardrobe with a summer hat, a gift card offers the flexibility and freedom to find the perfect item. It eliminates the worry of getting the wrong size or style, making it a stress-free gift option that ensures they'll end up with something they love.

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