Are your products made in Canada?

Yes, we have a small team of ladies from the Okanagan Valley, BC that include seamstresses, knitters & crocheters. People like myself who want to be home with their littles, and grandmas who love to create. My husband also makes my yarn pom poms, and even critiques the ones I make now :) Our spring line also includes small Canadian factory made products. Everything is designed by Canadian Frost®, made to the highest quality and ethical standards within Canada. 

Are your pom poms made with real fur?

Our fluffy fur babies are hand made with the highest quality synthetic furs sourced from all over the world. They are stuffed with poly fibre fill and have a cord tie on them to allow you to tie on with a knotted bow inside toque crown. This allows you to remove pom when you need to wash your toque or if you want to add a different pom or style other hats with them.

How do I untie and reattach my pom pom?

To untie, simply undo the knot inside of your toque and then pull the bow free.

To reattach: holding your pom pom outside the toque, poke one cord end through a spot on just to the side of the centre of the toque crown (we like to call this the snowflake centre) then poke the other cord end through on the opposite side, directly cross the centre of the snowflake Then turn your toque inside out and make a tight bow and then knot that bow. Turn your toque right side out and VOILA! 

Are your knit toques itchy?

We use only the softest of fibres. Merino wool is one of the softest, non scratchy wool so there is a chance it will not bother a person with a sensitivity. Although, if you have an extreme wool sensitivity, Alpaca is a good sheep wool substitute because it is considered hypoallergenic. Many of our customers are able to wear toques made out of this fibre. 

How do I wash my items?

Each item purchased will come with a care instructions card, depending on what fibres your item is made from. If you are unsure, please do reach out before you use a washing machine on the luxury avoid a mini me toque. If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

Please remove your pom pom before washing your toque. If needed you can spot wash your pom pom, blow dry to fluff. Please keep away from washers & dryers and be mindful of where you store your toque...your pets seem to love the poms as much as we do :)

I don't see my favourite item anymore, can I still get one made?

We mix it up a bit from season to season, but there is a chance that we could make an off season item, or make something custom. Feel free to message us