How to wash Canadian Frost products: a complete guide for toques, headbands, beanies, trucker hats and sun hats

We know all too well how devastating it can be when someone improperly cleans a beloved hat (we’re looking at you, mother-in-law). So we’ve put together some care and cleaning instructions for all your favourite hats - trucker hats, sun hats, slouchy hats, beanies, and toques with pom poms.

With proper care and laundering, your Canadian Frost winter hats, beanies, and toques will last a lifetime. Our hats are designed for those with active lifestyles who enjoy the great outdoors. Which means they are meant to be played in and to get dirty; so we made this how-to guide on how to clean them.

How To Wash Our Products

There are some general practices to follow when washing any of your hats. By following these steps you can keep your hats clean without causing any damage to your favourite winter accessory. 

1. Check the Care Card

Before washing your hat, always check the care card provided to you for any specific instructions or restrictions. Always follow the instructions given to ensure that your hat lives a long and happy life. 

2. Pre-treat Stains

If there are any visible stains, gently spot clean them using a mild detergent or stain remover. Be careful not to scrub too hard so as to avoid damaging the material. 

Avoid ANY scrubbing on hand-knit merino hats as this can cause damage to the material. 

3. Choose Machine Wash or Hand Wash

There is no universal guide when it comes to washing your hats, and its important that you determine which method is appropriate for your hat. Many hats can be washed in the washing machine, but that will depend on aspects like material, style and accessories (like pom poms).

As most of our toques are hand made from pure merino, alpaca or a wool blend please always hand wash. Scroll down to see our tips for specific types of hats and materials.

Hand Washing Hat Tips

Hand washing your hats instead of machine washing them allows for more gentle and controlled cleaning, which is particularly beneficial for delicate materials or hats. Hand washing can also prevent the product from being agitated or misshaped, which can often occur during machine washing.

Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to give extra attention to any stubborn stains or areas of heavy soil. As such, hand washing your hats can significantly extend their life, maintain their shape and continue to make you look cute for years to come.

Wash with Care: Fill sink with lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild detergent. Gently scrub with your hands or a soft cloth to clean it thoroughly.

Rinse Thoroughly: Once clean, rinse it thoroughly under cool running water. Squeeze out water (avoid wringing or twisting, as this can misshape it).

Remove Excess WaterSandwich between a towel and roll the towel up to remove the excess water.  

Air Dry: It is best to air dry your hats so that they maintain their shape. Lay flat on a clean towel and let it dry naturally. 

Machine Washing Hat tips

Machine washing hats is definitely a more convenient and less time-consuming method. Most modern washing machines also have gentle or delicate settings that can safely wash hats without causing damage or misshaping. Some of our hats are made from materials that can withstand machine washing. 

Choose the Right Cycle: Select a gentle or delicate cycle on your washing machine, using cold water. Avoid using hot water as it can cause the colours to fade or shrink.

Use a Mesh bag: place your hat in a mesh laundry bag to protect it during the wash cycle and will prevent it from getting tangled with other items.

4. Use Mild Detergent

Less is more when it comes to using detergent on your hats. Add a small amount of mild detergent to the washing machine or washing basin.

Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the material.

5. Lay Flat to Dry

It is best to air dry your hats so that they maintain their shape. Using a dryer can cause the product to shrink or lose its form. 

While damp, you can reshape if necessary. Using your hands, gently mold  back to their original shape.

Place flat on a clean towel and let it dry naturally. 

And Voila! Your hat is fresh, clean and ready for your next great adventure. 

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    Tips to Wash Items Made with Bamboo Fabric

    Choosing a bamboo fabric hat, headband or beanie not only ensures style and comfort but also a breathable and warm accessory that is a great companion for all your adventures. 

    how to wash bamboo fabric
    1. Spray Stains: If there are any visible stains, spray on stain remover and let sit to absorb.
    2. Hand Wash or Machine Wash: With our bamboo products you can either hand wash or machine wash (in a mesh bag). 
    3. Avoid Heat: Use cold or lukewarm water for best results. Always air dry, avoid using a dryer.
    4. Remove Excess Water: If hand washing sandwich between a towel and roll the towel up to remove the excess water.
    5. Lay Flat to dry
    6. Iron if Needed: After completely dry, you can iron as needed with a damp cloth over.

    Tips to Wash Toques That Aren't Hand Made

    Whether it's a classic beanie or a slouchy toque  toques are our favourite winter accessory. From bustling city streets to snowy mountain slopes, Canadian Frost Toques adds a touch of cozy to your winter outfits. 

    hats and toques made in canada

    1. Choose Hand or Machine Wash: Depending on the material and construction of your hat, you can choose to either hand wash or machine wash it. If hand washing, very gently scrub the hat with your hands to clean it thoroughly. 
    2. Use the Gentle Cycle: If machine washing, place in a garment bag and select a gentle or delicate cycle on your machine.

    Tips to Wash Hand Knit Hats

    Hand Knit toques or beanies with a pom-pom add personality to your winter accessories! They are a fun and fluffy addition to your style, but they can get dirty after a season (or after a really great outdoor adventure). 

    1. Remove Pom Pom: All our pom poms on hand knits are removable, they are tied on inside with knotted bow. Spot clean them if needed. 
    2. Wash Toque: Please always hand wash following directions above.
    3. Air Dry: Lay flat on a clean towel to dry. Never use a dryer or your toque will shrink & felt. 
    4. Fluff Pom Pom: Once completely dry, fluff the pom poms gently with your hands or blow dryer on warm to fluff.

    Tips to Wash Sun Hats & Fedoras

    Sun hats are a super cute way to offer much needed shade and protection from the sun. 

    To care for your straw and paper sun hats, follow these steps:

    1. Spot Clean: Spray with stain remover andgently spot clean using a soft cloth or sponge. Be careful not to scrub too hard.
    2. Reshape if Needed: Once completely dry, you can reshape the sun hat if necessary. Gently mold the brim and crown back to their original shape using your hands. A lot of our hats are packable, but if needed you can boil a kettle and place the hat over the steam to pop out any creases. Please use caution as to not burn yourself on the steam.
    3. Store your Hat: Hang, use a hat box or store on a high shelf.

    How to care for your linen sun hat:

    1. To Wash: Place in a garment bag and wash in your washing machine on the gentle cycle.
    2. Air Dry: Take out the garment bag and lay on the brim with the crown standing up to air dry. Please always air dry, do not place it in the dryer.
    3. Iron: Iron on the linen setting with a damp cloth over, use a steam iron if necessary.

    Tips to Wash Trucker Hats

    Trucker hats are a popular accessory but they can get dirty and sweaty over time. don't let the grunge cramp your style! Stay stylish and stain-free with these tips to clean a trucker hat. 

    1. Use a Mesh Bag in the Washing Machine: Most trucker hats will be fine to throw in the washing machine. Placing your trucker hat in a mesh laundry bag to can protect it during the wash cycle and will prevent it from getting misshapen or tangled with other items.
    2. Reshape once dry: After completely dry, you can reshape it to get the perfect look. Using your hands, gently mold the brim and crown back to their original shape.

    If your trucker hat gets crushed or creases, follow these instructions:


    With care and love, Canadian Frost toques, beanies, and hats are all built to last a lifetime. All of our products are designed to withstand the harsh Canadian weather. We keep you warm on the stormiest winter days and cool on the sunniest. No matter the climate, or how active you are in the great outdoors, our hats can be cared for to keep you cute & cozy all year round. Cozy Is Our Favourite ❄️

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