It all started with fibre arts as my creative outlet. Once I had outfitted everyone around me with toques I began selling at local markets. This was a lovely little side hustle and quite a change from my 20 year career as an electrician. Fast forward to double shoulder surgery and becoming a wife and mama. After I healed, I faced going back to more than full-time hours, shift work and hiring a nanny for our children. We decided the best thing for our family was to grow my little business into Canadian Frost.

My husband and I have a 3 year old girl, two busy awesome little boys (6 & 8) and I am a steppie to a sweet & funny 15 year old daughter. My hubby rolls with my obsessions, doesn't complain too much about my fabric & fibre expenditures. He is kind of my errand boy - somewhat kicking & screaming. :)

Having this business allows me to work at something I am passionate about full time and to be with our little munchkins all day long. Of course, this makes my lap full of children and yarn for 100% of the time. And I love everything about it! ❤️

All our products are made from fabrics and fibres that we have fallen in love with and want to share with you. Everything is ethically crafted to the highest standards for versatility, longevity, comfort and beauty.

The hand knits and sewn products are handmade by myself and our small and talented team of seamstresses, knitters & crocheters. We have small Canadian factories that help us keep up with demand making our handmade beanies, trucker hats & machine knit toques that we design. We love that we are able to keep our manufacturing in Canada.

Feel free to listen to a podcast I did with Jim @ Kelowna Now broadcasting here. 

All our products are Canadian made to the highest standards and supplies are sourced through Canadian companies, whenever possible. We are keeping it as Canadian as frost. ❄️

Warm hugs,

Nicole xx